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EAM – Enterprise Asset Management

Exceed guests’ expectations

For the hospitality industry, managing the infrastructure of buildings, facilities, and equipment is critical to the operational success of the hotel. At the same time, the hotel must comply with strict quality and safety guidelines, along with the many service level standards to meet the needs of their most valuable assets—their guests. Hotels focus on top line growth for revenue management, distribution strategies, and creating guest loyalty to grow their revenue. But, overall profitability cannot be measured without including the bottom line costs of building maintenance, facility costs, and energy consumption. Hotels need a specialized enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that can help them understand and effectively manage all facilities, equipment, and energy costs—a solution that will help exceed their guests’ expectations.

Deliver better guest service

Guest service is the hallmark of the hospitality industry, and exceeding guests' expectations each time they stay at your hotel increases their loyalty and keeps them coming back. Enterprise asset management plays a critical role in ensuring the service, safety, and comfort of hotel guests. With more than 20 years of experience and one of the market’s most comprehensive enterprise asset management solutions, Infor™ helps hundreds of hospitality organizations get the most out of their buildings, equipment, and facilities.

Infor EAM Hospitality Edition has been developed specifically for your industry, meeting your complete needs, not just some of them.
It does this by providing tools for:

Guest incident management—Create, manage, and track work orders and service requests within the system to ensure guest requirements are completed quickly. Mobile solutions ensure that you’ll expedite service more rapidly than ever.

Equipment reliability—Scheduled maintenance, predictive maintenance, and accurate warranty and repair records ensure the reliability of all equipment.

Supporting green initiatives and asset sustainability—Incorporating the consumption, costs, and environmental impact of natural resources—water, air, gas, electricity, and steam—into your asset management strategy reduces costs and ensures compliance with government regulations.

Risk management—Key performance indicators (KPIs) and real-time performance monitoring proactively identify potential problems with high-risk equipment.

Regulatory compliance—Documentation from calibration reports, electronic signatures, greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting, and asset tracking keep your organization audit-ready.

Specialized for your industry

Infor EAM Hospitality Edition is an advanced asset management system that combines best-in-class asset management modules, unique features for improving operations and performance, and advanced modules to ensure the best possible fit for your asset management needs.

As a web-architected system, Infor EAM Hospitality Edition allows you to access the functions through a standard Internet browser, anywhere and anytime.It is also available as a hosted solution and can be deployed through a software as a service (SaaS) model, allowing you to significantly reduce your total cost of ownership and better manage cash flow.

Key features include:

Guest incident management—Work orders or service requests can be created, assigned and tracked within the system. As soon as a work order or service request is created through the call center or service agent, the appropriate hotel personnel, such as service and maintenance employees, will be dispatched to complete the service quickly and efficiently to enhance guest experience.

Mobility—Hotel service teams can expedite service throughout the hotel on modern mobile devices and smartphones, with information at their fingertips to speed service and efficiently manage guest requests. Managers can monitor workloads and assign tasks to the appropriate team member to manage accountability and expedite service.

Preventive maintenance—Provides the ability for “metered and timed” notification to alert maintenance team members of routine maintenance that must be completed based on the number of times a room has been occupied. This helps you keep guest room equipment operating at peak performance, while at the same time ensuring that you’re not using resources to perform unnecessary repairs or inspections.

Fleet management—If your hotel or resort operates airport shuttles, limousine services, golf cars, or any vehicle type asset, you can establish maintenance and repair schedules to monitor and alert team members when routine fleet maintenance is required. This will help ensure that your vehicle assets operate effectively and the life of your assets is extended.

Green initiatives and asset sustainability—Managing your properties in an environmentally responsible way is key to your industry. With Infor EAM Hospitality Edition, you can monitor and measure your energy consumption and compare those to estimates for your building type to apply and obtain the Energy Star rating certificate and symbol. By using this green certification as a marketing tool, you can promote your brand as environmentally friendly, attracting new guests and satisfying existing guests who are focused on “going green.”

Equipment management—With Infor EAM Hospitality Edition, you can manage risk, warranties, and change notices for any type of equipment in the property. Plus, you can monitor asset performance, initiate preventive maintenance measures, and easily collect data on your assets.

• Call center management—You can manage all service requests through a single call center. From guest services to maintenance technicians, each service employee can view their open requests.

Change notice management—There is a constant flow of equipment in the hospitality industry—from replacing faulty or out-of-date equipment to implementing the most modern technology. Infor EAM Hospitality Edition helps you quickly and easily manage change notices that affect your equipment and operations, allowing you to take action and prevent potential hazards.

Multi-organization capabilities—Infor EAM Hospitality Edition can help your organization incorporate assets into a management solution while maintaining autonomy between different maintenance groups. For example, guest services can use the solution to issue work orders for repairing televisions and maintaining guest rooms, while facilities managers can use it to service HVAC systems and automatic doors. The facilities teams can control purchase orders, evaluate vendors, and manage purchasing contracts, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective operation. Each department has access only to the tasks it needs.

Regulatory compliance—To meet guidelines set by key regulatory agencies, Infor EAM Hospitality Edition provides you with comprehensive tools for performing maintenance, documenting the work and history associated with a piece of equipment, and developing maintenance strategies.

Asset profile management—Compile accurate information about equipment to analyze performance, meet audit requirements, schedule preventive maintenance, and reduce capital expenses. Plus, group equipment under predefined classifications.

Asset tracking—Keep all information about any asset in the property—from televisions, to vehicles to bed linens—in one database for easy retrieval and for input on activities, movements, and maintenance. Ensure that information on highly mobile equipment is always up to date.

Barcoding and data collection—Record and track equipment with barcoding technology for more accurate, efficient, and effective deployment. Use barcodes to accurately administer and track and locate mobile equipment.

Inspection management—Document and protect inspection procedures on each piece of equipment and initiate inspections based on time, equipment performance, or previous work.

KPIs—Monitor equipment with real-time, dashboard-like gauges for a precise snapshot of maintenance team and equipment performance to quickly identify potential problems and improve utilization. Set KPIs to monitor issues that are critical to your organization’s continued compliance with regulatory requirements.

Mobile workforce—Infor EAM Mobile extends the value of Infor EAM Hospitality Edition for field service workers as well as the managers, clerks, and schedulers who are connected directly to the solution. Personnel can move from room to room or site to site, and still access and record maintenance information, conduct inspections, and track inventory.

Outsourced maintenance services—Record maintenance activities, compile equipment histories, and create invoices for services the maintenance department performs for other organizations.

Warranty management—Tap into immediate savings with warranty management for both meter-and date-based warranties and for automatic notifications on all work orders in the system that have a potential warranty claim.

Emissions compliance—Capture and document the carbon footprint of your organization, and enforce stringent work management processes for hazardous material and fugitive emission handling.

Risk management
Hospitality organizations need their equipment to perform as expected in order to avoid damaging and expensive liability claims. Infor EAM Hospitality Edition helps ensure your facilities and equipment will function properly by:
• Compiling equipment histories
• Scheduling and performing preventive maintenance tasks
• Managing materials and inventory

Using Infor EAM Hospitality Edition, you can design risk assessment and ranking formulas based on criteria such as age of equipment, frequency of use, and sensitivity of functions performed. The equipment's risk ranking is attached to all work orders, maintenance histories, and equipment profiles, so personnel can instantly identify equipment as high risk and access the information needed to carry out maintenance tasks. As a result, your organization can accurately prioritize equipment care to ensure your guests can enjoy the highest possible service levels.

Risk management also includes:
Electronic record protection—Using administrative tools, you can implement various levels of password protection, create authority checks to set user-specific accounts, control document distribution rights, and limit access for changing documentation.

Audit trails—Any time a record is changed, administrators can track the user ID, altered fields, value changes, date and time of the change, and whether the change is a data insertion, update, or deletion.

Faster guest service and increased profits

Hotels, like yours, that focus on ensuring that guests receive the highest service level, build guest loyalty, grow top line revenue, and increase profitability. Infor EAM Hospitality Edition provides you with the specialized asset management functions you need to improve performance, increase savings, comply with regulations, and ultimately provide the best service to your guests.

With Infor EAM Hospitality Edition’s extensive selection of multi-organization tools, your facility can manage several tasks and departments from one integrated solution. You’ll be able to reduce costs through effective systems management, comprehensive work order functions, integrated purchasing, centralized call centers, and easy-to-use scheduling tools. In addition, the solution helps your organization avoid penalties, shutdowns, liability claims, and the damaging public exposure that follows loss of accreditation. Plus, Infor EAM facilitates asset sustainability by allowing you to incorporate the consumption, costs, and environmental impact of natural resources—water, air, gas, electricity, and steam—into your asset management strategy to reduce costs and help achieve Energy Star standards.