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Understand your business

The hospitality business is about managing profit and customer services, as well as the hotel infrastructure. Your employees need to consistently deliver a quality experience to guests, and you need to keep your properties in top shape. To make a profit, you need to understand and control the financial aspects of your business. And in order to do that, you require a financial management solution designed to help you manage the unique demands of a hospitality business. Your financial management system should help you optimize the way you use your human, physical, and financial resources to meet current and future guest expectations.

Improve performance

You need a financial management system designed for the way you collect, analyze, manage, and report financial information. Join more than 2,200 worldwide hospitality companies—faced with the same requirements as you—that have implemented Infor™ SunSystems for Hospitality. Like them, you can use SunSystems to improve visibility into your financial information, and, ultimately, to boost your profits. When you streamline processes for accessing and analyzing financial data, you’ll be able to make better business decisions faster.

Get business specific

Take advantage of financial management designed specifically for hotels and other hospitality companies. With Infor SunSystems for Hospitality, you'll consolidate all your financial data into a single system with an open architecture, and enjoy easy interoperability with your other software solutions. You’ll also get integrated security and an intuitive, easy-to-learn tool set.
In addition, you’ll get:
• Accounting tailored to the hotel industry. Get predefined charts of accounts that adhere to hospitality standards, including the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry.
• Industry-specific analysis. Use predefined analysis features with hotel-industry departmental structures and management reporting lines. The general ledger includes an enhanced analysis structure.
• Reporting tailored to your users. Rapidly design and deliver operational and management reports using data from a single source to address key hotel performance. Quickly create professional-looking reports, including multilayered reports to meet the requirements of hotel owners, franchise operators, managers, and staff. Generate alerts so your employees can address urgent matters immediately.
• Flexible and fast deployment. Optionally deploy Infor SunSystems for Hospitality at your location or in the cloud, or use a combination of the two. Regardless of your deployment, you get the same user experience, functionality, reporting, security, and administration, so you won't have to accept any tradeoffs.
• Easy integration with other systems. Get built-in interfaces with other critical hotel systems, including point-of-sale and performance management systems.
• A solution designed to scale and adapt to quick change. Meet the needs of a single property or scale the solution to support financial management of a global operation with multiple properties, multiple geographies, and different languages and currencies.

Whether you have a small, two-star hotel or a multi-site luxury brand—a corporate entity—you can grow revenue and cut costs, because Infor SunSystems for Hospitality has seamless integration to Infor CPM (Corporate Performance Management) for immediate analysis of financial performance.

You’ll be able to measure trends against budgets, forecasts, and data from your property management system, point-of-sale system, and other operational systems to get a reliable view of financial performance throughout your entire organization—allowing you to make quick decisions and drive profitability.

By combining Infor CPM and Infor SunSystems with Infor Query & Analysis—a simple, easy-to-use operational business intelligence tool—you’ll be able to analyze and filter reports via Microsoft® Excel® to view the exact information you need at a moment's notice. That means you'll have the right data to keep costs in line, and to forecast and measure your business trends with just a few key strokes.

With mobile devices such as Apple® iPad®, you can use Infor Motion Query & Analysis on the move, at the airport, and in a board meeting or presentation, both to access and analyze your business data in real time, and to help identify trends and unexpected results. Thanks to an “offline” mode, you can see your query results even when you’re not connected to the server. With Infor Motion Query & Analysis, you get anytime/anywhere self-service reporting, and can increase the speed of your overall business via a secure, easy-to-use mobile portal.

Reap the profits

With Infor SunSystems for Hospitality, you'll gain greater financial control over your business, because you'll understand what's happening as it happens.

You can measure and track key performance indicators, identify and correct problems, and take advantage of opportunities.
You will:
• Boost profitability.
• Make better business decisions.
• Enhance guest satisfaction.
• Increase repeat business.
• Improve employee productivity.
• Easily comply with government and labor requirements.
• Quickly and easily adapt to changing business needs.