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Green Initiatives

Do business better.

Increasingly, the public and government are pressuring companies and municipalities to demonstrate their commitment to the environment by being socially and morally responsive to environmental—or “Green”—issues such as energy conservation, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and pollution elimination. At the same time, stakeholders are demanding that these organizations do more with less. For private industry, this means pressure to generate more profit. For the public sector, it means improving accountability.

“Going Green,” then, must deliver more than public relations benefits; forward-thinking organizations know that going Green must also color their business with tangible business results. Infor™ provides business specific solutions for forward-thinking organizations that want to lead the way in going Green. Infor solutions help them deploy new business processes that support environmentally friendly initiatives, comply with regulatory requirements, and reduce costs by conserving energy and other natural resources.

These solutions include enterprise asset management (EAM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), performance management (PM), and supply chain management (SCM) applications. When the question is how to go Green and strengthen business results at the same time, Infor has
the answer.

Leverage experience.

Infor’s mission isn't to develop Green software applications; Infor’s mission is to develop flexible, business-specific solutions that enable organizations like yours to address critical business challenges—Green or otherwise. Today, our proven solutions are helping more than 70,000 companies meet their goals in a global marketplace.

Infor software can help businesses and municipalities address environmental initiatives such as:

  • Resource conservation, through the efficient operation of enterprise assets.
  • Greenhouse gas emission control, via optimized transportation supply chains.
  • Waste reduction, through effective planning.
  • Energy savings, through improved scheduling.
  • Reduction of environmentally negative materials, through enhanced visibility and focus.
  • Reduction of packaging in consumer products, through better design.

But we also use our experience to ensure that Infor EAM, ERP, PLM, PM, and SCM solutions help organizations achieve a fast return on investment (ROI) at lower total cost of ownership. And through Infor Open Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), an approach to building and deploying software that is interoperable by design and enables the efficient movement of information between applications, we help companies keep pace with fast-changing business requirements and regulations.

Support business-specific Green initiatives.

As organizations consider their Green initiatives and overall business strategies, they likely will discover a multitude of opportunities for improvement in the areas of conservation, productivity, waste elimination, cost-effectiveness, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Here are some of the ways Infor solutions can help businesses like yours capitalize on these opportunities.

Infor EAM
Implementing and sustaining a quality, Green-oriented asset management program requires the ability to gather, store, and process large quantities of information related to such things as energy consumption, asset condition, and asset productivity. Executing such a program manually is a nearly impossible task because of the volume of data to be gathered and processed. Infor EAM helps solve this problem. Infor EAM enables organizations to better manage, maintain, and track their assets, as well as drive better decision-making in maintenance, inventory/warranty, uptime, risk management, and strategic planning. It helps organizations reach their goals with respect to environmental optimization and increased energy conservation, as well as improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness related to overall asset management.

With Infor EAM, you can:

  • Track commodity (electric, water, gas) consumption and rate details associated at the meter level with value roll-up within the organizational asset hierarchy.
  • Track electric sub-meter interval data, via integration with an environmental effects monitoring (EEM) application, at the operational asset or system level. The applicable commodity rate then can be applied to the energy consumption data to determine asset or system operating cost.
  • Create dashboards that enable the monitoring and measurement of energy management, resource conversation, output efficiency, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Monitor—and identify unacceptable—asset conditions via inbox alert setups. An associated alert can then be used to initiate an engineering needs assessment or maintenance activity to resolve any issues. This helps organizations maintain assets at peak performance, greatly reducing energy consumption and increasing resource efficiencies.
  • Implement a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. Effective preventive maintenance is imperative to support the continued energy and resource efficiency of capital assets.
  • Establish trip-point values that, when triggered, generate preselected corrective work orders automatically. Such monitoring and remedial action keeps assets at peak efficiency, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Gather comprehensive asset performance and maintenance history to use for analysis and reporting. Trend analysis can help organizations identify problems early, enabling prompt resolution and continued optimum efficiency.
  • Leverage preformatted reports that encompass best practices, including reports on energy usage and comparison, and tailor them to specific business needs.
  • Log and report water, air, gas, electricity, and steam (WAGES) usage.

In addition, Infor EAM helps enterprises increase labor efficiency and reduce overtime, implement effective equipment-based maintenance schedules to reduce downtime, and manage work order processes to ensure ontime delivery. Organizations also strengthen their business results by using this solution to reduce maintenance-related inventory levels for increased savings, model scenarios to determine optimum asset levels and drive decision-making, and track information to improve the ability to collect on warranty claims.

Infor ERP
Creating off-specification products, performing rework, expediting shipments with air freight to meet demands, sending out a second shipment to correct mistakes, and following processes that end with product returns are all environmentally unfriendly practices. Not only that, but these activities also result in unnecessary expense to the business. Infor ERP solutions give companies the flexibility and control necessary to automate, plan, collaborate, and execute effectively according to their unique business requirements and Green initiatives, with a breadth of functionality that never locks them in to one mode of operating. By integrating and optimizing manufacturing processes, these forward-thinking organizations reduce energy consumption and costs while improving customer satisfaction.

With Infor ERP, you can:

  • Eliminate the energy consumption and costs associated with rework, scrap, and disposal of off-specification items, as well as the energy consumption and costs generated while initially creating the items.
  • Integrate with lifecycle management processes to ensure that compliant products with the lowest environmental impact are released to manufacturing, increasing first-pass success rates. This reduces excess energy usage and the costs associated with non-compliance and scrap disposal.
  • Produce the right products in the correct quantities and at the right times, reducing inventory, premium freight, excess production, and other non-value-added activities.
  • Minimize energy usage and costs associated with product returns. Integrate specification management and quality management. Doing so can enhance product quality, reduce returns, and improve perfect order rates.
  • Improve the efficiency of the supply chain and reduce excess costs in regard to shipping, receiving, transportation, and purchase parts.
  • Improve fill rates and perfect order rates to minimize the inefficient expediting of orders, which will allow you to minimize the associated costs and negative environmental
    impacts without sacrificing service levels.
  • Implement electronic ("paperless") payroll and benefits processes to eliminate waste associated with these activities.

Infor ERP solutions also enable you improve business results by helping you gain better visibility into transactions across the enterprise; adopt manufacturing best practices, including Lean; and make better-informed business decisions. By enhancing overall operational efficiency, you deliver the right product at the right time, keeping your promises to your customers and other stakeholders.

Infor PLM
Successful new products are the lifeblood of a company’s growth and profitability. Infor PLM helps businesses maximize profit potential by optimizing every stage of a product’s life. This solution integrates product design and engineering with sourcing, compliance, suppliers, and supply chains. Doing so speeds product development, ensures quality, and mitigates regulatory risks.

Infor PLM helps you achieve your Green goals by:

  • Providing a flexible data model that supports the creation, application, and management of design rules and specification templates, and the evaluation of planned results against them. Users can incorporate business-specific rules for RoHS; WEEE; REACH; Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC); organic requirements; percent of recyclable packaging; materials or product limits by market; the ability to store, handle, produce, and ship materials and products safely; and more.
  • Combining rules with intelligent workflow, so that workflow can be used as a compliance, Green, or quality firewall, stopping the introduction of risky materials and products. Regulatory and standards compliance are visible during project gate reviews and workflow approval cycles, so issues can be mitigated promptly, saving resources, time, and expense. Rules can be part of multiple workflows and may be applied by multiple collaborators as they interact during product development.
  • Enabling the use of parametric searches to identify the best materials, suppliers, formulas, packaging, and facilities to minimize time to market and reduce costs while meeting environmental compliance mandates.
  • Flagging items, processes, facilities, suppliers, and packaging that should be reduced or avoided altogether. As an example, formaldehyde may become a controlled chemical. A company can begin reducing usage now to minimize the future impact of a regulation. In addition, it can flag unknown items or level of compliance for REACH, RoHS, WEEE, TOSCA, and more.
  • Providing direct tools for creating and managing product formulations and bills of material. During formulation, packaging, and bill of material development, regulatory compliance and best practices are interactively checked, and feedback is provided. This allows timely resolution of issues.
  • Integrating with the drawing tools used by engineers and converting the associated information into structured bills of material. This improves accuracy and reduces the chance of rework or off-spec production, which consumes energy and often results in disposal costs.
  • Offering secure, centralized access to the critical documents and tools—such as drawings, formulas, bills of material, environmental compliance information, engineering change orders, and more—helping streamline new product development and product updates.
  • Using supplier rating and status to indicate the level of compliance (environmental, social, and economic) and risk. R&D and sourcing agents can choose suppliers that best meet product or project goals. Infor PLM also supports your bottom line by helping you achieve improved product innovation, successful introductions of new products, improved product profitability, decreased time to market, and on-time product launches.

Infor PM
Infor PM applications enable companies to improve overall business performance by developing effective strategies, aligning resources and actions with plans and strategies, and proactively monitoring business processes and results. These solutions have been shaped through the experience and input of customers, the expertise of industry associates and analysts, and the requirements of regulatory bodies to promote optimum efficiency, both financial and environmental. Infor PM solutions help companies link corporate strategy to operational plans and generate actionable business insights that are used to increase user productivity and improve overall business performance. They support cross-departmental, integrated views of operational and financial drivers and results, and streamline company-wide collaboration. Such detailed planning and monitoring assist businesses in reducing system waste and promote greater control of their overall carbon footprint.

Infor PM enables you to:

  • Monitor business-specific KPIs, such an environmental factors and carbon emissions, in real time to support effective decision-making throughout business processes.
  • Create and compare multiple “what if” scenarios, test assumptions, assess the impact of events, and model the business to meet targets and high-level Green objectives.
  • Align strategies with resources and actions that can be easily measured and monitored, and share the information pervasively across the organization to promote maximum resource conservation and efficient energy use.
  • Plan and model business outcomes using key drivers, including environmental factors, and view results from multiple perspectives (e.g., organization, product, market, distribution channels, and time) to support effective decision-making.
  • Leverage prebuilt analytic applications to retrieve and present actionable information for specific industries and business functions. Such analysis is essential to verify optimum carbon footprint reduction and maintain efficient use of resources. Analytic applications also allow organizations to quickly identify areas of concern and drill down into those areas, discovering the reasons why performance is not optimal. The company then can take corrective action and readjust plans.
  • Determine what the financial impact of a given Green initiative will be. While the organization has an ethical obligation to do what is best for the environment, it also has a financial obligation to the stakeholders. Infor PM helps forward-thinking organizations bring together these ethical and financial obligations.

With Infor PM, you are able to better monitor, measure, and manage your business. Infor PM helps people at all levels of your organization streamline processes, generate actionable business insights, and make knowledgeable decisions that help improve company-wide performance.

Infor SCM
Companies have long understood the value of optimizing processes and relationships with multiple parties in the extended supply chain as a means of servicing their customers efficiently. Resources are planned and synchronized to eliminate waste, accelerate responsiveness, and deliver the lowest total cost of supply. Organizations are used to trading off increases in one area to gain overall benefits across the supply chain, something which has been at the very foundation of offshore manufacturing. But to date, there have been only two goals driving these strategies: increased service and reduced cost. Now companies must look at a third goal: the minimization of carbon emissions. The application of Green principles to the way an organization delivers its goods and services to end customers will dominate and shape supply chain strategies in the coming years. Infor SCM provides a full suite of applications to help businesses embrace their Green agendas while planning and managing the sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of products.

To help you go Green, Infor SCM:

  • Provides the tools and technologies to help you look at the very design of your supply chain, measure your carbon footprint based on alternative sourcing and transportation options, and model how you might achieve emissions reduction—and at what cost. Assists you as you redesign the physical location of your manufacturing and distribution network to service your customers effectively with sustainability in mind.
  • Optimizes your transportation plans and routes to not only save up to eight percent on annual transport spend, but also to use less fuel, supporting a green, profitable
    distribution chain.
  • Assess transport modes from a capacity, cost, and carbon perspective, ensuring that customer delivery targets are met while selecting the transport options that are most environmentally friendly.
  • Improves the planning and scheduling of your manufacturing resources, maximizing productivity, minimizing inefficient set-up and clean-down times, and reducing waste, all of which helps reduce energy usage.
  • Provides forecasting and demand management tools to help companies attain a global view of demand. With this information, companies can align supply to meet customer demand with less waste and lower levels of inventory. An efficient supply chain is inherently a Green supply chain. In addition to helping you go Green, Infor SCM helps you reduce supply chain operational costs for increased profitability, improve customer service for enhanced competitiveness, and better manage growth for improved margins and market share.

See results now.

Investing in any enterprise solution is not a casual experience. It represents a commitment of resources, personnel, and—sometimes—company focus. And whether you plan to use Infor solutions to go Green or to solve other business challenges, we know that a quick ROI is critical. Infor starts by developing software that leverages the expertise of industry experts—people who know your business. We then help optimize these solutions through professional consulting, education, and other services that deliver ongoing value. Our customers have access to more than 2,200 Infor professionals and implementation partners in more than 50 countries—a global network of proven domain experts with local presence and an understanding of what going Green means to your bottom line.

In addition, Infor Global Support is ready to answer questions and help customers resolve business issues. The team is staffed by experts who have deep experience in Infor’s applications—decades, in some cases—and are dedicated to helping you get the most value from your technology investment. Finally, Infor is focused on helping you achieve a continuing, healthy ROI from your Infor solutions through our “enrich, extend, and evolve” product strategy. This means customers can expect Infor to make an ongoing investment in the business-specific capabilities customers need to meet their diverse business challenges and ever-changing needs.

Doing business better.

When resource constraints, the cost of doing business, government regulations, and public demand for Greener products and services impact your business, you must be able to adapt with speed and precision. That takes a technology infrastructure that allows you to add, change, upgrade, or modify your solutions as painlessly as possible. Infor Open SOA is Infor’s commitment to solution interoperability, innovation, and evolution across all product lines so you can quickly align your systems to changing business requirements. It enables you to enrich your existing solutions with open SOA industry standards now, extend them to create end-to-end processes across different functional areas, and evolve to meet the future in a way that introduces new functionality and technology incrementally to preserve your investment and reduce risk and cost.

You gain business agility and IT flexibility without the high costs and disruption of a major re-implementation project or the need to adopt the proprietary technology of another software vendor. Infor gives you choice and control over the technologies you deploy, as well as the timeframe you deploy them in, so you can eliminate redundancies and build the best long-term cost model for your business. This is how we satisfy your need for industry-specific and business-specific solutions that deliver value today while incorporating deployment flexibility that lets you quickly add, subtract, and replace critical capabilities . . . and do business better . . . tomorrow.