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HMS – Hotel Management System

Know your profitable guests and treat them right.

You know the importance of maintaining a steady stream of guests staying at your hotel. It’s the critical first step in operating your business at a profit. But filling rooms is only part of your formula for success. You need to fill more rooms with the high-value guests and you need to treat them in ways that entice them to stay longer, spend more money, and return more often.

This takes systems and processes that give your employees easy access to actionable information about guests and potential guests, and the time to put that information to good use. And it doesn’t stop here. These critical guest-centric tools should be complemented by capabilities that streamline other core processes like financial management and asset management.

Focus on profitability without sacrificing guest satisfaction.

You can optimize day-to-day operations to deliver excellent guest services and take the steps necessary to increase profitability with Infor™ HMS (hotel management system). Developed, built, implemented, and maintained by more than 450 experts in hotel industry software solutions, Infor HMS combines the industry expertise of SoftBrands and the proven technology of Infor.

With its focus on hotel property management and centralized solutions, Infor is the world’s largest software company with a commitment to the hotel industry.

Use software designed specifically for hotel companies.

With Infor HMS, you get software designed specifically to meet the needs of hotel companies. You combine the enterprise power and streamlined workflow of a corporate central reservations system with the immediate update of property management systems into one solution with proven technology to support your long-term growth.

You get what you need to streamline your critical processes:

  • Give employees access to a single database of actionable information.
    You get a single database and deployment of traditional multiple property management and central reservations capabilities. Information is presented to employees based on the specific job they perform such as front desk clerk, reservation agent, property manager, or finance employee. Your reservation agents in remote locations work in the same system, with the same data as your front desk agents locally.
  • Create guest-specific packages.
    Your agents can add any package item to any rate plan to create a guest-specific package or hotel-stay experience, using dynamic packages capability.
  • Present lifetime value at the point of interaction.
    You get guest-recognition capabilities that let employees see the lifetime value of a guest from the reservation or check-in screen.
  • Design your own screen layouts.
    You can design your own screen layouts to fit your business requirements and sales strategies. Your workflow is enhanced because users can go to one screen to access all the information they need. The screens you customize can be easily supported by the SoftBrands technical support team.
  • Choose from multiple deployment options.
    You can choose from multiple deployment options, including traditional on-property, hosted in a private cloud, or the Infor cloud. In addition, Infor HMS is Software as a Service (SaaS) enabled, which provides you with the ability to completely remove any on-premises information technology (IT) infrastructure.
  • Leverage powerful integration and tools.
    You get a warehouse of interfaces that is readily available using web services, industry standard data exchange, and tools that have already been proven at companies like yours.

Forge strong, profitable customer relationships.

Infor HMS gives you insights into your operations and your customers, and the tools you need to make your relationship with them as strong and profitable as possible. When you use Infor HMS, you can expect to:
See it all in one place.
You can get to anywhere in the system from one screen and analyze performance and build strategies with all key results in one location.
Make it yours.
Create a workflow that matches your business process, create screens to fit your business, and model the system around your sales strategies.
Get to business quickly.
Deploy it in the cloud using a proven vendor and proven implementation practices to get a true fast start. You get actionable knowledge at your fingertips and reduce the time it takes to get usable data.