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HMS – Mobility

Speed up service

In the hospitality industry, it’s all about speed. Mobility is changing the way employees and guests interact with software, and it’s improving your ability to deliver quick service and make guests happy. Among other things, you can reduce check-in and check-out wait times, and allow guests to interact with your hotel systems using the method they prefer.

With Infor™ HMS (Hotel Management System) Mobility, your users and guests can access information directly from your enterprise application on their mobile devices in real time, without interfaces and middleware.

The end result? You’ll be able to interact with guests anywhere in the hotel, providing them with the right information at the right time—improving guest service and profit in the process.

Change the way you work

To create loyalty and be successful, your hotel must deliver an exceptional experience for every guest, on every stay. You can improve your guests’ experience—and your hotel’s experience—with Infor HMS Mobility, because it’s specifically tailored to the hospitality industry and was designed upon the premise that knowledge + speed = profit. With Infor HMS Mobility, you’ll be able to customize the mobile applications that represent your properties’ personalities. That’s because Infor applications are common in nature, but easily changed to match the brand they represent. After all, no two properties are alike. Why should your mobile apps be any different?

Make the most of mobility

By taking advantage of Infor HMS Mobility, you’ll be able to move to the next level of guest interaction, as well as allow your staff to perform hotel services anywhere in your hotel. Whether your mobile app users are trained employees or guests accessing the app for the first time, they’ll be able to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Mobile hotel services

With hotel-owned iPad®s that capture guests’ signatures and credit card information, your employees will be able to:
• Check guests in from anywhere in your hotel, speeding up curbside check-in, conference desk registration, and wait times for guests standing in line at the front desk.
• Check guests out quickly by reviewing guest folio details, processing payments, and printing or emailing final statements directly to guests from any location in your hotel.
• Change room assignments on the fly from your hotel’s guest-room floors without having to call the housekeeping office to adjust sections or cleaning credits.
• Update room statuses.
• Offer detailed information to guests about local restaurants, golf courses, and other attractions, complete with maps that adjust to provide the appropriate driving or walking information.
• Post revenue charges directly to guests’ folios.

Mobile guest services
With our iPhone® and Android™ apps, your guests can:
• Search property locations, including maps and GPS locations.
• Find out about hotel amenities, nearby attractions, airport distances, food and beverage outlets, and operating hours.
• View available room types and rate plan combinations.
• Create reservations.
• Enter booking details—including credit card information that follows all payment card industry (PCI) security standards—and receive confirmation numbers.
• Search their profile information to view or cancel existing reservations that are attached to their profiles.
• Interact directly with your hotel in an environment they choose.

Whether your guests need a late check-out so they can have brunch with an old friend, or want to order a few extra pillows pre-arrival, they’ll be able to easily arrange it via your mobile app. And that will increase their loyalty to your hotel.

Reimagine enterprise software

You can speed up service, increase efficiency, improve guest service, and boost profit with Infor HMS Mobility, which changes the way your employees and guests interact with software. Your employees will be able to act on the spot and complete tasks instantly, even if they need to coordinate with other team members or departments. You’ll be able to track and measure staff efficiency. And your managers will be able to monitor the real-time workload of activity and completed tasks, as well as interaction with guests.

With HMS Mobility, you can:
• Check guests in and out remotely, wherever you are in the hotel.
• React on the fly to changes in daily hotel operations.
• Give guests the ability to retrieve their profile information, and to create new reservations or cancel existing reservations.
• Provide guests with maps and directions to local attractions and restaurants.