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Infogenesis Point Of Sale

If you’ve ever struggled with your point-of-sale (POS) system, you know it can get in the way of serving guests and reaching your revenue goals. It’s the primary place where you can create or destroy guest confidence. Because of this, the dependability and capability of your POS system is paramount. A dependable and feature-rich POS system can give you a real edge against your competition, but you need to ensure that it can seamlessly integrate into your current back office technology without needing to make a large up front investment.

The InfoGenesis™ POS by Agilysys solution has been designed to give you the advantage you need to help you serve your guests more effectively and make you as efficient and profitable as possible. It does this through advanced technology, flexible configuration, scalable architecture and superior integration capabilities. With InfoGenesis POS, you can add additional terminals without having to build out expensive infrastructure, enabling data to flow seamlessly from one application to the next. Eliminate downtime worries, too, because the software’s unmatched offline capabilities allow you to sync up data as soon as your network connection is reestablished.

Streamlining Your Operations
The InfoGenesis POS solution combines leading hardware with the InfoGenesis POS terminal application by Agilysys to give you unsurpassed reliability along with the tools your staff needs to serve your guests more efficiently. Superior check management and on-floor reporting—along with consistent terminal configuration, pricing and screen setup—all help your staff perform at their very best when serving guests. The InfoGenesis POS solution gives your front-line staff exactly what is needed to provide exceptional guest experiences across your entire organisation.

Access the Data You Need, When You Need It
One of the benefits of enterprise-level POS and centralised configuration management is better system reporting, and the breadth of reporting in the InfoGenesis POS solution is what differentiates it from the competition. Get operation-specific, audit-based and guest-centric reporting to address all areas of your operation. With InfoGenesis POS solution capabilities that let you customise reports, you can get to the right information at the right time, faster than ever before, and ensure that you are seeing consistent numbers across the entire operation.

Responsiveness and Reliability
InfoGenesis POS is designed to process transactions in the highest volume environments without any loss of performance at the point of sale. Offline capabilities allow the POS terminal to continue to perform well during intermittent server or network outages.

Rapid and Flexible Deployment
Centralised configuration tools and terminal images make the system simple to deploy and maintain. A POS terminal can easily be assigned a new identity and relocated as often as your business needs change. If POS terminal hardware fails, replacing it is as easy as assigning the same identity to a new terminal and plugging it in.

ASP Offering
InfoGenesis POS Application Service Provision (ASP) is a managed solution that delivers POS functionality to your outlets from centralised servers at the InfoGenesis data center via secure Internet connections. The ASP model allows you to preserve precious IT resources and reduce capital expenditure.

Features and Benefits

Bottom Line Benefits

Through award-winning back office and front-of-house feature sets, InfoGenesis POS drives profitability in your mission-critical operations. Real-time reporting helps you react better to immediate operational needs, review guest spending patterns, capitalise on revenue opportunities, cut costs and plan better for the future. InfoGenesis POS enables you to better meet guest needs, increase guest spending and expand your internal capabilities in ways you may never have thought possible.

The InfoGenesis POS solution gives you the consistent, high-level results you need to remain successful. With a track record of providing award-winning capabilities and new features that produce better company performance, InfoGenesis POS by Agilysys sets the standard. See why the biggest names in hospitality rely on Agilysys to help them run a more efficient, profitable and guest-centric organisation.

Who We Are and What We Do
Agilysys is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions to the retail and hospitality sector. The company offers proven software, services, hardware and consultation for hotels, casinos, destination resorts, condominiums, cruise lines, stadiums and arenas and conference centers to streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction while maximising profitability. Agilysys hospitality solutions provide unparalleled reliability, functionality, efficiency and control over multiple aspects of operations – from reservations, check in, pointof- sale and business intelligence, to inventory and procurement management and document management. Agilysys’ U.S. corporate headquarters are in Cleveland. We operate extensively throughout EMEA, with a main office in Cheshire, UK and additional sales and support offices through partners across Europe, South Africa and Dubai. For more information, visit www.agilysys.com/hospitality.