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Infor10 – Technology Overview

Make more money—now

In the competitive hospitality industry, you need every advantage to decrease costs, improve profits, grow your business, and keep your guests coming back for more. To do so, you need a technology partner that understands your business and can deliver globally innovative solutions—whether your organization is a hotel, resort, casino, or government lodging agency. Like many hospitality companies, you probably have a technology system that delivers front-office data, but doesn't combine that data with financial information for management reporting. As a result, you manage your plans, budgets, and forecasts with a time-consuming, error-prone collection of unconnected spreadsheets, or try to get a generic financial management system (FMS) to fit your hospitality requirements (like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole).

To make better decisions and more money, you need to connect your hospitality-specific strategy and plans to your front- and back-office systems. And to do that, you need multi-departmental hotel software that touches every area of your business, whether it's your financial and asset team; central reservations or corporate office; on-property operations; sales, marketing, and loyalty team; maintenance group; or coordinators of labor and staffing schedules. In other words, you all have to work from one common strategy and plan.

Global scale, local presence

Streamline your operations, centralize your processes, and increase your bookings with Infor™, the world's largest software company with a commitment to the hotel industry. Join more than 10,000 hotels, resorts, gaming properties and government housing facilities worldwide that use Infor hotel software, which was developed by technology experts who have more than 25 years of experience in hospitality. You'll get better information, more efficient processes, and top-notch support and services, because Infor is part of a global company, Infor. That means you can implement and support your applications around the world, and get more applications as your business needs grow.

What you need, when you need it

Maybe you're looking for a simple-to-use, single-property software system. Or maybe you need a fully integrated enterprise business solution. Whatever you need, you'll profit from a multi-departmental approach that touches every area of your business, from central reservation management to property management to financial management to everything else.

Property management
Give your guests more than they expect, and they'll keep coming back for more—boosting your profits in the process. Whether your property is a small, two-star hotel or a multi-site luxury brand, you can manage availability, rates, reservations, guest profiles, and in-house services with Infor HMS (Hotel Management System). By integrating your front office with sales and marketing and central reservations distribution, you get a centralized, unified look at your guests and your business performance. And that means you can reach the right channel, at the right time, with the right room, at the right price. Get the highest possible room rates with tiered/dynamic pricing while sharing information across your organization. By deploying Infor HMS or integrating with any third-party central reservation system (CRS) solution, you can see which of your sites have available rooms.

By creating a centralized profile for each of your guests, you can:
• Track preferences.
• Simplify reservations.
• Book itineraries.
• Provide your guests with personalized, consistent services.
• Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
• Make instant reservations for sister properties from a single database.
• Consolidate information about the performance of your properties.
• Create customized reports for your business.
• Check the effectiveness of your rate management strategies.
• Make better forecasts and business decisions.

Central reservations
You can attract more guests, lower reservation costs, increase revenue, and make more money with our CRS. Not only will you know who your guests are and what they like, you'll know how to reach them. Whether you get reservations through third-party agents, channel booking partners, or your call center, you'll be able to integrate and distribute data about your guests, inventory, and rates across your company. You'll increase revenue and occupancy rates by matching guest interest with available properties.

Plus, you'll be able to:
• Eliminate manual and duplicate data entry, saving time and money.
• See how well you're managing distribution and revenue management by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).
• Analyze centralized data, improving efficiency and profits.
• Increase sales, because your guests, travel agents, group coordinators, and company travel partners will be able to view information and maintain reservations 24x7, unassisted.

Financial management
Grow revenue and cut costs with Infor FMS for Hospitality, which integrates financial and operational data and was designed to meet the specific requirements of your industry. You'll get a reliable view of financial performance across your entire organization, and be able to adapt to challenging business environments. That's because you'll get accounting software that's specific to hospitality departments, ledgers, and users. More importantly, you'll get software that complies with industry regulations and best practices. Plus, your finance department will be able to easily calculate cover counts, occupancy statistics, and no-show revenue.

In addition, you'll be able to conduct hundreds of daily transactions, share valuable information deep within those transactions, and adapt your processes as business conditions and regulatory environments change.

You will be able to:
• Deliver information to your hotel owners, franchise operators, managers, and staff at the time they need it, so they can make better decisions.
• Find out what's happening as it happens, so you can address urgent issues immediately and gain more control over your business.
• Identify trends and recognize opportunities by measuring and tracking KPIs for each of your properties at will.
• Reduce transaction costs.
• Shorten process cycle times.
• Improve your bottom line.

Performance management
Analyze business results and plan for growth with a world-class performance management (PM) solution tailored toward your industry—Infor PM for Hospitality. You'll be up and running quickly, because hospitality best practices are built into the system. Streamline your business processes, automate your budget cycle, consolidate information about your financial performance, create customized reports for your business, and thoroughly analyze your financial data. You can sort and filter reports to view the exact information you need at a moment's notice, so you'll have the right data to keep costs in line and forecast correctly. That means you'll be able to make better decisions, cut costs, and grow revenue.

You can:
• Analyze your revenue and recast your budgets within minutes or hours, instead of days or months.
• Close budgets in three to four days.
• Grow your business without adding headcount.
• Reduce printing and support green initiatives.
• Determine the best way to make an overall profit by analyzing different occupancy and food service scenarios, whether your property is a hotel or casino.
• Join hospitality companies that have cut their budgeting time in half with Infor PM.

"We now use the huge time savings from eliminating manual preparations to focus on higher-level reporting and more detailed analysis to improve the business," says Leilani Marquiss, director of finance, Valley View Casino & Hotel. "Infor PM put us in a much better position to know how anything impacts our financial performance. It's made a huge difference in our efficiency and the way we view our budgeting process. My finance staff is happier and more productive."

Customer relations
Personalize your inbound and outbound marketing programs with Infor CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for Hospitality, which tailors offers to your customers' specific wants and needs at any given time. You only need to ask your guests once about their preferences and service-level requests, because you get a centralized profile for each customer. As you learn more about guest preferences, you can market more effectively to—and better serve—your most valuable guests.

You'll be able to:
• Increase sales by as much as 54% online and 36% offline with product promotions.
• Retain more customers while increasing their loyalty and value.
• Reduce costs by moving customer contact from call centers to lower-cost channels, such as your web site.
• Achieve 100% ROI in as little as five months.
• Get the information you need to make more profitable decisions, faster.

Enterprise asset and incident management
You could face a scenario like the following without an asset and incident management solution, also known as enterprise asset management (EAM): Your HVAC or laundry unit fails, so you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs, workarounds, and customer satisfaction adjustments or credits. Plus you lose business—all because you didn't consider all the implications of asset maintenance. You've got to take it deeper than just looking at a calendar or responding after an asset's already failed. And you need to log and track maintenance incidents, everything from daily activities like unclogging a sink or changing a light bulb to special projects like remodeling a wing of rooms.

Track your entire organization's assets and maintenance incidents with Infor EAM, which incorporates hospitality best practices. You'll get fewer out-of-service calls, decrease costs, and drive profits and growth.

You'll be able to:
• Reduce downtime.
• Delay new capital purchases, because your assets will last longer.
• Prevent problems by scheduling preventive maintenance.
• Track equipment according to federal or other regulatory compliance guidelines.
• Implement capital-saving processes such as warranty management, labor management, and streamlined purchasing.
• Reduce inventory costs and energy consumption.

By proactively managing your assets and maintenance activities, you can:
• Improve labor productivity by 20%.
• Reduce inventory levels by 30%.
• Decrease new-equipment costs by 5%.
• Increase equipment availability by 10%.
• Improve warranty cost recovery by 50%.

Workforce management
You need to provide great service to your customers so they keep coming back, yet you also have to control your largest expense—your workforce. Control costs, increase revenue, and adapt to changing conditions on the fly with Infor WFM (Workforce Management) for Hospitality, which integrates with your IT infrastructure and covers all areas of WFM—planning, scheduling, time and attendance, absences, and performance.

You'll be able to:
• Reduce gross payroll by as much as 6%.
• Completely automate pay rules.
• Spend less time rearranging staff schedules.
• Automatically generate your casino floor schedules.
• Align employee schedules with demand forecasts.
• Make your employees happier, reducing turnover.
• Make your customers happier by providing them with better service.

Government lodging management
Manage your room, bed, and rate inventory with Infor' proven commercial off-the-shelf applications, Epitome and Core—the foundation of our lodging management solution for the government market. You'll get built-in requirements for rank, gender, and purpose of visit. Plus you can rest assured your system complies with payment card industry security standards, and expedite your training process with our computer-based learning management tools. Because of improved bed or space utilization, you'll achieve fast ROI. Plus, you'll reduce total cost of ownership by centralizing data.

Gaming management
Keep a long-term place at the table with high-performance Infor gaming solutions, joining 100% of the Fortune 500 gaming companies and 93% of the Las Vegas strip. Collect and analyze real-time data from many sources—while complying with government regulations—with:

Infor Infinium FMS. Build a solid, secure financial foundation for conducting business, both locally and globally. You'll be able to choose the components that are right for you, from general ledger, payables ledger, and accounts receivable to project accounting, currency management, and global taxation. All the components integrate seamlessly with one another—as well as with Infor PM and other Infor solutions—for an even greater return on your investment.

Infor Infinium HCM. Get in-depth knowledge of your workforce with our human capital management (HCM) solution. You'll be able to manage payroll easily and quickly, streamline benefits administration, analyze HR patterns and trends, track and monitor HR costs, and gain competitive advantage. That means you'll be able to make better decisions, faster.

Infor Enwisen WFM Labor Scheduler. Get the right skill, at the right table, with the right group rotation. You can't afford to spin your wheels on tactical scheduling and compliance issues, because your customers expect exceptional service at every touch point. Meet the forecasted demand of table games while you break down department barriers and incorporate key operations into a single, comprehensive workforce scheduling solution.

You'll be able to:
• Get the most out of your employees.
• Make better decisions.
• Control costs.
• Keep your customers' information secure.
• Deliver extraordinary service.

"Since we've gone to Infor Infinium FMS, Infor Infinium HCM, and PM, our reporting process has been vastly improved —streamlined and automated," says George Cvek, VP of information technology, Pearl River Resort. "We're using the general ledger, payables ledger, and fixed asset components, as well as Infinium HCM Self Service and payroll capabilities. And with PM and its reporting, budgeting, and planning capabilities, we have so much flexibility and ease in getting the information we need quickly. Also, Infinium is designed for gaming and hospitality, so it addresses exactly what we need—with much lower maintenance costs."

Flexible deployment options
You can activate our applications in a way that makes the most sense for your business, and change your approach over time. Have it your way. Choose which applications to deploy on site at your hotel or corporate office and which ones to deploy in the cloud. Regardless of your deployment option, your user experience, functions, reporting, security, and administration will be the same. You won't have to make tradeoffs because of your deployment method.

The right information
You need a way to juggle multiple priorities with a single-minded focus. You need one place to sort, filter, and find information so you'll always know what to do next. So you can identify your goals and move closer to them every day. Get the right information at the right time—without having to dig for relevant data—with Infor Companion, a common interface that provides you with a unified user experience. You'll be able to sign on just once to your system to access all the information you need, so you can work faster and make better decisions. And that means you'll be able to take the right actions in time to make a difference.

Now's your time

Make more money with Infor hotel software, which addresses every profit center of your business—whether it's finance, reservations, property management, customer service, strategic planning and analysis, or workforce management.

• Get higher returns. Integrate financial information and processes to manage room inventory and revenue.
• Integrate business applications. Share information across your business.
• Consolidate information. Track guest preferences, simplify reservations, book appointments, and deliver personalized service across multiple properties.
• Get to know your customers better. Identify your most profitable guests and figure out how to provide guest-centric service that will build loyalty and increase the value of each stay.
• Enhance back-office business processes. Automate and improve your finance, business planning and reporting, and human resources data.