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RMS – Revenue Management Solution

Easily manage revenue and yield

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly price competitive. Hotel chains across the world are feeling margin pressure and a general lack of control over their sales and distribution channels, as discounters enter the market and distribution channels diversify. What’s more, undisciplined and random pricing can rapidly lead to brand dilution and product commoditization. Your biggest challenge is to sell the right product to the right customer, at the right time and for the right price. You can meet that challenge with Infor EzRMS (Revenue Management Solution), an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution that was specifically developed for the hospitality industry.

Change the way you work

You can optimize product prices and achieve maximum profit margins with Infor™ EzRMS. Backed by more than 30 years of combined knowledge in the hospitality industry, Infor EzRMS is a leading revenue and yield management solution for hotel companies worldwide. You’ll rapidly reap the rewards of professional revenue management techniques—including increased turnover, higher profit margins, and an excellent return on investment—with a combination of advanced technology, unique sophisticated mathematical algorithms, and innovative business process design. Infor EzRMS is the largest application service provider (ASP) revenue management solution, so you can quickly install and adopt revenue management strategies with a pre-packaged, software-as-a-service (SaaS) hotel revenue management system.

Get the specifics

With Infor EzRMS—specifically designed for the hospitality industry—you can sell the right product to the right customer, at the right time and for the right price. That’s because the core software application will automatically calculate demand forecasts for each future use of your hotel rooms, and recommend the appropriate selling strategies, such as open/close rates, stay controls, open/close room categories, and overbooking levels—maximizing your yield and profit.

You’ll benefit from:
Lower costs. Make your service offering price extremely competitive with our rental fee business model and no end-user installation.
Greater flexibility. Create your own tailor-made reports and favorites. Define your regions, clusters, and country views.
Greater revenue opportunities. Get higher-value products and services—such as daily yield and database audits—with value-added additions to our core modules,via the Internet delivery channel.
Automated direct links to sales and distribution channels. Take advantage of direct interfaces to your distribution channels, including reservation systems and online hotel room portals.

With Infor EzRMS, you get an in-depth view of both the historical and current demands of your property, and you can prepare and consolidate demand information.You’ll have access to a wealth of data, including:
• Historical occupancy and average rate
• Historical booking and cancellation patterns
• All revenues
• Historical no-shows, walk-ins, and denials
• Company, travel agent, distribution channel, country, and room type
• Current bookings
• Length of stay and lead time figures
• Guests per room
• Day-of-week patterns

Basic modules
Demand modeling. Take advantage of models that consider factors such as seasonality, day of the week, repetitive and unique events, strategies, market segments, length of stay, guests per room, booking and cancellation patterns, no-shows, walk-ins, and room/extra revenues.

Dynamic demand forecasting. Get automatic demand forecasts that take into account historical demand, repetitive events, and booking patterns.

Optimization. Optimally manage revenue by considering:
• Length of stay and guests per room
• Materialization and cancellation of current bookings
• Estimated room revenue, extra revenue by length of stay, and guests per room for each room sold at a given rate bucket
• Capacity constraints
• Acceptance strategies (last room availability; minimum and maximum limit constraints)

Controls and recommendations. Given the results of the optimization module, get:
• The right controls and recommendations to maximize revenuesand make better decisions
• Controls designed specifically to meet the requirements of your property management system, central reservation systems, and global distribution systems, as well as the Internet distribution channels in which your property inventory is displayed

Additional modules
Infor EzREGION. Provide regional and centralized management teams with statistical reporting and consolidated forecast information for a user-defined cluster of hotels. By combining this module with Infor EzBUDGET, you can review consolidated forecasts against consolidated budgets.

You’ll be able to:
• Define specific regions.
• Handle global reporting in a singular accounting unit.
• Consolidate an individual hotel’s data.
• Focus on specific property hot spots with a single-view calendar.
• Achieve the ultimate level of head office access and system support/control.

Infor EzQUOTE. Quantify the benefits resulting in day-to-day acceptance of ad hoc and/or repetitive group requests, as well as series and crew requests, with a mathematical approach.
You can:
• Evaluate the opportunity to accept or deny day-to-day group requests.
• Propose alternative periods of stay and sales conditions (for example, price and volume) for the quoted group.
• Make the best decisions with the help of comprehensive reports.
• Calculate true returns by using profit margins in the displacement calculations.

Infor EzCOMPETE. Get an automated, comprehensive insight into competitive pricing throughout all your online channels.
You can:
• Track online distribution channels consistently and systematically.
• Check your positioning against regional competing offers.
• Match competing offers to yours.
• Create a rule-based email-alert system for decision support throughout your chain and properties.

Infor EzCONTRACT. Quantify the true net value of existing and potential contracts by:
• Analyzing the historical performance of existing contracts.
• Proposing revisions to the terms and conditions of existing contracts for future periods.
• Evaluating the opportunity to sign new contracts for future periods.
• Ensuring that clients receive the correct amount of contractual freedom.

Infor EzBUDGET. Make your budgets an integral part of your RMS by:
• Allowing comparison and integration of budgets in all historic as well as future reports
• Being able to quickly modify budget revisions
• Utilizing proprietary forecasting algorithms to automate future budget creation
• Automatically creating accurate daily budgets from monthly total figures

Reimagine enterprise software

Whether you have a large international hotel company or are an independent hotelier, you’ll get an affordable, fully automated revenue management solution with Infor EzRMS, which was developed using the latest business forecasting and optimization technologies.

With Infor EzRMS, you can:
• Maximize occupancy and protect rates when necessary, increasing revenue.
• Increase revenue by a typical 4% to 7% from year one with very little outlay.
• Create accurate historical, current, and future statistical reports.
• Provide detailed demand forecasting information to help with sales and marketing initiatives.
• React to market influences with the help of competitor analysis on both the Internet and the global distribution system (GDS).
• Evaluate the impact group reservations have on occupancy and revenue with group analysis.
• Assess the impact a tour series contract will have on your property.
• Get access to reports and information on a group-wide basis.